Our products are made entirely of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester material and show superior strength and performance in Domestic and Industrial applications. These products, which are frequently preferred in the treatment industry for the purification of drinking water or obtaining industrial water, have the feature of being the first and only with their unique design and production method.


Our AQUARIN brand FRP tanks are manufactured with modern mold technology and no polyethylene based reinforcement product is used on the inner surface. This feature enables our products to prevent problems such as corrosion of the inner surface of the tank with chemicals, creating odor and algae binding of the inner surface of the tank under UV, especially in the process of water treatment in chemistry and food.

Tanks with diameters ranging from 18”-63” up to 3500 liters
Aquarin FRP Tank 95%
100% reinforced glass fiber building material
Aquarin FRP Tank 85%
For commercial and industrial water treatment and storage
Aquarin FRP Tank 75%
Zero corrosion
Aquarin FRP Tank 65%
Lightweight portable flexible products
Aquarin FRP Tank 55%
It does not require maintenance
Aquarin FRP Tank 95%
Maximum working pressure 120psi (8.2 bar)
Aquarin FRP Tank 85%
Maximum operating temperature 34-122 ° F (1-50 ° C)
Aquarin FRP Tank 75%
Maximum vacuum 120 mm Hg (0,15 bar)
Maximum vacuum 120 mm Hg (0,15 bar) 65%
Colors; blue and off white
Maximum vacuum 120 mm Hg (0,15 bar) 55%

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